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To loc or not to loc - The pros and cons

For any of you considering starting locs…this one’s for you. I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of having locs. Having been on the loc journey and back again, you could say I've experienced the best of both worlds. So keep reading to see what I discovered along the way.

The pros

Low maintenance

This was the biggest plus for me. Locs are low maintenance. Well they can be, It depends on what you don’t mind doing and how you live your locked life. For someone who would rather not spend time on hair often, locs may be right up your street. The only aspect of maintenance that could be quite costly/time consuming if anything, is those trips to the locticians, if you go that route. Otherwise caring for your locs at home, washing and retwisting/interlocking every 2 weeks once you get the hang of it, can be an absolute breeze. Even enjoyable. No more undoing, detangling or combing. You can even just let it air dry. So for me, this was a win!

Length retention

You've probably noticed that people with locs tend be able to grow their hair really well. This is because the ends of your hair aren't being broken off by mechanical manipulation. You literally aren't losing any hair, at all. So if you just don’t have the patience to follow length retention care techniques or routines but you’d still like your natural hair to grow long, this could be a shout.

The most natural way to wear your hair

Locs are definitely the most natural way to wear your hair. Not only is your hair not chemically treated or straightened but also the very nature of the formation of locs relies upon the tendency for your hair to fall into its natural curl pattern. The natural curls and kinks link together to form the body of each loc. So in a way, with some guidance, your hair is doing what it naturally wants to do.

Versatility - in a slightly different way

There are so many inspiring ways to style locs. Yes, differently to loose hair of course, but still a vast range of styling opportunities.

The cons

Changing your mind - The options

Of course, starting locs is usually a big decision for most. Mainly because of the idea of the permanency of the style type. Typically, when people don’t want locs anymore they cut all their hair off. Although, as I shared in my previous post, this does not have to be the case. However, undoing them is not for the faint hearted. It takes time, patience and a gentle hand. And you definitely can't get a loctician to do it for you.

Sleek looks - A lot harder to achieve

That laid sleek look is a little more difficult to achieve, that said, I’ve seen it done. For guys, you can get a nice shape up, this isn't an issue for you. For women, you might want to allow locs to grow out a liitle before you lay that style, tie it down and let it set. I wouldn't suggest using a gel as this would be difficult to wash out of locs, and you don't want to cause build up. But if you want to go there...that's up to you.

For the ladies - Not feeling/looking feminine

Some locked ladies have shared that once they started locs they needed to make an extra effort to look feminine. I would say, think about what makes you feel feminine when it comes to styling your hair. If you can achieve this with locs, go 'head and get your life. If not, you may want to research alternative styles to dress up your locked looks on those special occasions, or, reconsider.

Bad habits

As locs are so low maintenance, its easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to looking after your hair. It's also a little more difficult to notice the health and condition of you hair as you can't run your fingers through the strands. The damage is hidden. Its easy to forget to apply oil and you can go crazy colouring your locs because the damage cause won't necessarily cause issues until later on. But be aware, if your hair starts to break or shed when you have locs, you still wont see your hair fall out, but what will happen is your locs will get thinner, and then thicker again as your hair continues to grow. This will manifest itself in locs having an inconsistent diameter which causes weak spots in your hair. The weight of your locs can then cause the locs to snap at those weak spots.


Lint, fluff and fibres. The enemy! During my time of having locs, I actually cut of the back two locs because I just couldn't get the lint out of them. It's not like they could just be combed. I couldn't live with the thought of fluff just making a home for itself in my hair. So those back two locs that were probably always rubbing against my woolly scarf, neck of my jumper and faux fur collar had to go!

So there you have it, my pros and cons of locs.

I hope this has been useful! Blessings.

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