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Tips to prevent thinning edges

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The front edges of your hair are at high risk. They are more exposed in many styles, pulled and tugged, gelled and brushed the most. For these reasons they have become more precious as they are fragile. Unfortunately, they have taken hits for the team and often have paid the price, given their lives for the cause of sleek styles. So, in this entry I will give tips and styles to help preserve these edges of your hair.


  • Limit your use of gels. I know laying those edges is a thing right now, but doing this regularly means your edges are constantly out and gels can be quite drying due to their alcohol content. If you do need to lay and slay, rinse the gel out afterwards and moisturise those edges before bed. I like to use and oil BEFORE applying a gel so there is a protective layer between my hair and the gel. Alternatively you could apply leave in conditioner and tie it down for a neat but not-so-sleek look.

  • Don’t put tension on your edges over long periods or repeatedly. If you always wear your hair up or in a high/mid pony or bun this may put prolonged tension on the front edges of your hair. Doing tight braids/cane rows (Corn rows) going back can also pull your edges out or break them.

  • Don’t leave your edges exposed to the elements. (See style ideas below)

Style ideas to save edges

  • · Low ponies/buns instead of mid/high ponies/buns change the focus of the tension from the front edges to hair along the chosen parting you have set.

  • · Cane row (Corn row) the front edges of your hair downwards. This way any tension/weight on the hair is minimised. Then proceed to do any style you want with the rest of your hair.

  • · Plait the front of your own hair in a row of singles. Not too tight. As the strands of hair will be grouped together, there is strength in numbers, think rope as opposed to string. Then you can do any style you want with the rest of your hair. If your hair is short and you don’t want the single plaits sticking out you can use bobby pins to keep them flat.

May your edges thrive and be plentiful!

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