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Refuge for mums with biracial kids' hair struggles

When picking my daughter up from school, one of the mums approached me and asked how I manage my daughters hair because she finds managing her daughter's hair quite challenging. She was referring to the protective style my daughter was rocking. That week it was small sized corn rows (cane rows) going toward the top centre of her head allowing for an up-do. The lady explained that she struggles to manage her daughter's hair as it’s a lot thicker than her own. She also wasn't sure what hair products she should be using.

I’m pretty sure she’s not the only mum that faces this challenge. Fortunately, we have entered a hair care era that seems to be catering for everyone and so navigating hair products is made easier.

‘Mixed Chicks’ is a hairline specifically created and tailored to hair of a looser curl pattern (3C-4A). These products therefore do not weigh the hair down or cause a sticky feel and clumpy appearance like some hair products geared largely at afro textured hair. However, this brand introduces a light moisture to the hair preventing it from drying out.

There is even a range for kids! Check out your local beauty supply store.

If you feel like splashing out ‘Pattern’ by Tracee Ellis Ross has a whole range of products for different textured hair; ‘curlies’ ‘coilies’ and ‘Tighter textures’. The website even has a curl guide to point you in the right direction.

If luxury is not in your hair care budget, then as well as ‘mixed chicks’ you can also try ‘Curly kidz’ ‘Cantu kids’ and ‘Shea moisture kids’ range.

Happy kiddie hair care!

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