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Protective Style Ideas that slay!

Between zoom calls, FaceTime, working from home and going to the supermarket. The last thing you want to think about is sorting your hair out. Well maybe that’s just me. But, if you are like me and don’t want to spend much time on your hair often, here’s what I say. Put your hair away! Choose a protective style that can be styled differently if you wish, stays neat for a long time and allows you to wash your hair without having to take the style out until you are ready. Here are some ideas and why they are beneficial.

Braids or Twists

Braids are always a winner. Of course as long as they aren’t too heavy or installed tightly. They're cute, stays neat for a good length of time and easy to 'dress up' in no time. Knotless braids are a really cute new hit and they really reduce the tension near the scalp.

If you like the look of twists I recommend Senegalese twists with expressions hair. Due to the double twisted nature of this style, fraying strands of hair are brought to a minimum and the style stays neat for quite a while. The twists are really secure and you shouldn’t experience any unravelling. Twists are just as versatile as braids and quicker to install and take down. Add a light oil to your braids or twists each week and wash as necessary without taking them out.

Crochet styles (Twisted/Braided)

Pre-twisted or pre-braided hair stays neat for an even longer time. So your style can stay fresh as your hair grows away nicely underneath. These styles also make it easy to wash that oh-so-important scalp of yours. And yes, your roots will get loose and messy, but if you do it right, no-one will ever know!

Individual Faux locks

Individual faux locks are beautiful and earthy. They can be dressed up or down and they look so…dare I say it...exotic! Pre-spiralled locks being the lightest in weight, they don’t cause tension on the scalp, they are easy to sleep in and the fact that they are individually installed means that they are super versatile too! The only thing I would say as a cautionary is, if you are going to use pre spiralled faux locks you should avoid is using hot/warm water on them when washing as they can start to lose shape. Use cool water. If you are doing the wrapping method, your good with the warm water. However the wrapping method ends up being heavier in weight.

With all styles listed above, don’t forget to moisturise your hair well before installation and use a light oil on your hair as needed (maybe once per week). Sleep with a satin bonnet/scarf at night. If it’s too hot to have your head covered, go for satin material over your pillow.

Happy protective styling!

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