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No more flaky dry scalp - 4 simple steps

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

So maybe you have a dry scalp problem. Or maybe you’d like to avoid getting a dry scalp. I’m going to guess you normally apply oil to your scalp. Yh that’s not going to help. If your scalp is perfectly fine and you apply a light oil, do you boo!

However, if you DO have a scalp issue, this may shock you, but you need to stop applying oils to your scalp. Like, today! Our scalps naturally produce an oily substance called sebum. This is basically your body’s natural moisturiser. Applying oil to the scalp can cause sebum production to decrease so much that your scalp starts to dry out and flake. So, to allow for this secretion of sebum to become regulated, you are going to have to reset it. Here’s what I suggest:

1. Stop applying oil to your hair.

Besides if your scalp produces its own oil, its free!

2. Wash your scalp well every 2 weeks. This clears away any build up, dead skin cells, bacteria and promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth.

3. Spray your scalp with water every few days. I suggest every 3/4 days. Yes I know it causes shrinkage. Its easier to have your hair in twists/plaids/braids/cornrows etc where your hair isn’t going to shrink up too much.

4. A clean or at least balanced diet. Eating a lot of greasy foods will cause your skin to become greasy. This obviously includes your scalp. This can throw off the sebum secretion cycle you are now trying to get under control.

Note: All these steps work together. This will not work if you don’t hydrate your scalp every few days and if you don’t wash it around every couple of weeks. You can’t just stop applying oil to your scalp and do nothing else.

These steps can take a bit of getting used to. Both for you and your scalp, but stick it out. It will be well worth it! And if your scalp does start to get dry in the initial stages of this new routine, the best thing to do is wash it again, but remember to replace the moisture in the tresses of your hair. But not the scalp!

I've been doing this for years and I've never looked back! You'll thank me later.

Enjoy your new happy healthy scalp!

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