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Natural hair is sexy

What? Yes that’s right, its sexy. And its back by popular demand. Not to say that any other way to wear your hair isn’t sexy. There are many ways to wear your hair, whether in a protective style, in a wig or relaxed. They can all be considered sexy, but there’s something about unapologetically standing in your authenticity, owning it and loving it that sparks confidence! And confidence is always sexy… as long as its not joining hands with arrogance of course.

Lets talk about big hair. Your hair is your crown. Throughout history crowns have been a symbol of power and dignity. Big hair is a metaphor for power. Its your crown, wear it as such!

For years we’ve been told our hair is unprofessional, loud or brazen. However, may I suggest throwing on a smart pant suit with a bomb twist out says “I know who I am, and I’m here to

slay this work day”. So we will also frown at appropriation, because we, our culture, our natural glow has always been appropriate. It’s just that the rule makers didn’t get it.

Sleek that pony or high bun for date night. Wear it with an LBD (little black dress). Or wear it big with a smart-casual look. Add even more texture by having braids or twists intertwined in your low buns (whilst protecting your ends) for a more “I thought this through” sophisticated bun. Or two juicy crown braids for your wedding day. Or even an empire bun. Half up half down! The options are endless. Which ever way you style it, rock it proudly for the culture. Its your crown. It is no longer suppressed, and neither are you.

Confidence…is darn sexy.

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