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How's your loc journey? With guest - Byron Taylor

An Interview with gospel artist and songwriter Byron Taylor.

So lets get into it.

How long have you had your locs and what made you want to start them?

I believe it was 17 back in 2009 when I started growing my hair from a grade 1 hair cut all over. I was inspired by Ted Winn (a member of Richard Smallwood’s choir). When I first saw the concert with him in it... I was like yup - that’s what I want.

Do you see a loctician or do you treat/style and retouch your locs yourself?

My initial starting process was to grow my hair out with cornrows, then I had a few friends two strand twist my hair. From then I was back and forth between the two styles until I finally decided I’m going for the full thing. When it was long enough I had my sister retwist for the final time in July 2011 and left it from then on to allow them to mature into locs.

In your opinion, what would you say has been the main factor you enjoy about your locks?

I love having my hair washed and retwisted and styled by someone else. I hate washing my own hair and retwisting now mainly because it’s very long, it’s time consuming and awkward. I’d much rather lean back in the stylist’s chair and get it done. I also just love the look overall.

As you’ve just explained, your locs are very long, does this have other challenges?

The length can be a problem. My hair gets caught in the car door, if I don’t sleep with a cap on it gets everywhere. It can also just be hard to handle if you’re not a person who knows how to do hair, or has patience with hair.

What would you say to anyone considering starting locs? What would you want them to know?

Go for it. I don’t believe YouTube is always the best source of information because there’s so many different methods and products, it gets confusing. Ask a professional and get to know what works for your hair. If you go to a loctician, ask to see their portfolio or show them exactly what you want. I’ve had a bad experience with a stylist because I didn’t want pay what I usually do when I see my usual stylist who knows what they’re doing! Another thing to note is that tension on the hair is never good, so be careful of that.

How does the initial experience of having locs compare to your experience with them now?

I believe I’ve loved most parts of the experience. The only thing now is that I don’t want lose my hair or experience thinning due to genetics. However, I guess weight is a contributing factor because my locs are quite long. I’m tempted to cut them all off to repair the damage done and to be able to comb through it, but I’ve had fun! I also think my hair texture has changed compared to how it was before.

Would you say men have any advantages compared to women who have locs? Or would you say the opposite?

No advantages but most people from the UK or a Jamaican background assume I’m a Rasta until I start speaking. I don’t believe women have that issue, which isn’t a problem, just something I’ve noticed. I think women can do more things with hair because a lot of women know how to style their own hair whereas some men more often don’t and have to rely on someone else. I can retwist hair and wash it but I can’t style it. I have no patience for that.

Any regrets?

Not taking enough care of it between 2018-2020. I believe that’s when most of the damage occurred. Some of it was due to stress and it's so long, it was very daunting to tackle. Financing my drives to London and paying for hair care was a lot at the time during university. I wish I understood more about hair then like I do now and had the discipline I had at the very start.

Thank you for sharing your loc with us Byron. I'm sure many will learn from your experiences and even make more informed decisions for their own loc journey!

You can download or stream music from Byron & Favour on all major platforms. Be sure to check it out! Be blessed.

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