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Get rid of single strand knots without losing length

Have you ever had so many single strand knots that you lost length trimming all of your hair?

I have a quick and easy method for getting rid of single strand knots without losing overall length. I've never seen this done before, so this is some real exclusive insight!

I like to use a method I like to call ‘filtering’ or ‘trapping’. To implement this method, you first need to make sure that your nails are filed with no rough or slit edges to snag on your hair. Your hair must also be detangled. We only want to cut out single strand knots, not several strands of hair that are tangled together.

Then follow the 5 steps below.

1. Separate a small section of your hair

2. Pinch your forefinger and thumb nails together

3. Run the ends of your hair through the nail of your forefinger and thumb.

4. As you draw the hair through, hair strands with no single strand knotted ends will happily slide through. Knotted strands of hair will stop and remain stuck at the point of the knot just behind your pinched finger and thumb nail as the knot prevents the hair from getting through.

5. Finally only cut the caught strands behind the knots. You will find its usually the minority and all the other strands keep their length!

Avoid single strand knots by:

· Avoiding wear your hair/ends out for more than a couple of days

· Stretch ends rather then letting them stay curled up while drying (You can do this by wrapping them around the base of a bun).

· Keep ends moisturised!

Enjoy your smooth silky ends!

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