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5 top tips for keeping your hair hydrated

Does your hair dry out easily?

Do you apply oils but you still get that dry greasy feeling?

Here are my 5 tips to ensure your place in hair hydration heaven is secure.

Hydrate, lock it in, and keep it moving!

1. Spritz or dampen your hair and scalp every 3 days. Get yourself a spray bottle and get into the habit.

2. Try to avoid hard water, it can be harsh on your strands.

3. Use filtered water, rose water or bottled water.

4. Lock in water hydration with a leave-in conditioner followed by an oil/butter.

5. Wash your hair every 2 weeks, this drenches the hair, giving it ultimate hydration, saturating the hair cuticles.

Enjoy hydrated hair that lasts long after wash day.

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