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5 Tips for length retention

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

1. Detangle detangle detangle. Detangling is a much gentler way to get your hair all going in one direction and removing knots. Mechanical manipulation including combing and brushing can easily snap the ends off of your curly hair as curls get caught around teeth and bristles. This will reduce the length of your hair every time.

2. Protective style – The less you manipulate your hair the less the ends break, meaning you are getting nothing but growth baby! Put that beautiful mane away and let it thrive.

3. Moisture – Keeping your hair moisturised prevents dry brittle hair. Brittle hair by nature is easier to snap, reducing your hair length. So keep on top of the moisture and your hair will thank you in both length and health.

4. Don’t excessively trim your hair- After all, we are trying to retain length. That said, an intentional cut is better than allowing you hair strands to break wherever they choose. Look out for single strand knots which can get caught on your winter coat collar or favourite scarf. Watch out for split ends, which you shouldn’t get much of if you avoid using heat.

5. Protect your ends – Your ends are the oldest part of your hair. This means they need the most TLC as they are prone to brittleness, single strand knots, split ends and general dryness. These things can also occur because ends are typically more exposed. Choose styles that don’t leave your ends exposed to the elements.

You can:

· Plait to the ends (but take care when undoing)

· Tuck ends in a bun

· Moisturise the ends of your hair after wearing them out

· Trim as needed, but don’t get too scissor happy.

Now you're on your way to waist length hair!

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