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5 Tips for coping with wash day

Wash day can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Especially if your hair is particularly thick. Here are a few tips to help you smoothen out the process and hopefully set foundations for easier hair care following wash day.

1. If you have thick or long hair try shampooing and conditioning your hair in sections. This just makes the whole process more manageable.

2. Pre-poo your hair the night before wash day. If you haven’t tried a pre-poo before, its simple, quick and makes a whole lot of difference to how soft your hair feels after your hair is washed. Pre- poos prevent your hair drying out when shampooed and it gives you an opportunity to section your hair whilst watching a film. Handling your hair the following day will be so much easier. All you need to do is rub some aloe on your scalp and roots and smooth olive oil on your strands. Twist into sections and sleep in a shower cap.

3. When shampooing, don’t rub or scrub the length of your hair, as this causes tangles and knots creating a bigger detangling job later on. Instead, pay attention to the scalp using fingertips to massage the scalp. For your hair, run your hair through praying hands to keep it flowing in one direction.

4. Detangle your hair while conditioning. This gives the hair slip, reducing friction and breakage. You’re also multitasking as the conditioner does its work.

5. Plan a quick wash day style that can develop into another style later in the week. I like to divide my hair into about 12 sections, plaiting the root of each section then twisting down the length of my hair. I can throw it all in a bun for work and then a few days later undo it for a bomb twist out or high puff.

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