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5 Time saving tips - Kids school styles

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Kids going back to school? I don't know about your household but there are 3 heads of hair to care for in mine, including my own. And between work and school it can be hard to keep up.

Protective styling is obviously a win as its low maintenance. It won't need doing every day. But even with that, juggling the washes, the redo's and undo's can be a bit of a whirlwind. So here are my tips to make it easier to keep on top of things without losing the plot.

1. Cane row (Corn row) in layers. This allows you to refresh the top layer rather than the whole head when it gets a little messy.

2. Cane row (Corn row) front edges downwards. This prevents edges from being pulled back, which causes thinning due to tension. Also, as the front begins to fray, which it tends to before the rest. You can neaten up the whole look by re-doing just the front.

3. Wash your child’s hair with the style still in. Especially if its singles or smaller corn rows. Its so much quicker. Just focus on the scalp. Then in another couple of weeks you can undo the whole thing if you choose.

4. After washing mid style, if necessary, refresh/redo the hair one braid at a time. This reduces detangling time and if you don’t finish, it doesn’t look entirely half done. Just half neat.

5. Single braids/twists allow for versatility. If your kid is anything like mine, she probably likes to switch it up at school sometimes. Singles also last longer! Stick with the size braids you won't mind taking down in a few weeks. If its too small, it just might drive you crazy.

All the best!

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