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2-Part Ultimate Hydration routine

I’m a sceptic. I don’t try fads and I don’t believe in quick fixes. But when there’s something that makes sense...I’ll give it a go. So I tried 2 different methods recommended by my favourite Youtubers for natural hair, Naptural85 and FusionofCultures, and combined and adapted them. I wanted to see if I would feel a difference in how my hair feels. And maaaayyyyn! I didn't know my hair could feel that soft and healthy!

Other than a protein treatment which I only really use after long term protective styling, there are 2 things I do one after the other, when I feel like my hair needs a revival. Your hair can go from 'caravan' to '5* room with a view' - with room service... and a butler.

Part 1 - The Pre- Poo

So here’s the first thing. The night before wash day I do a pre- poo. If you haven’t heard of a pre-poo before its a pre shampoo treatment. It nourishes your hair with moisture and nutrients. Your tresses will then drink that up and bathe in it, so that when it’s washed the following day it's now fortified and not stripped of every ounce of goodness it had before. Some do the pre - poo for 30 mins or a couple of hours but for best results pre-poo over night.

The ingredients

Adapt to your liking - Quantities depend on how think or long your hair is.

1. Water (for spritzing),

2. Fresh Aloe Vera (you can sub both 1. and 2. for Aloe Vera juice if you don’t have an Aloe plant) Aloe is great for healing and repair.

3. Olive oil

4. Vitamin E oil + essential oils (e.g peppermint oil, rosemary oil). Which all have various amazing benefits like reducing hair loss, stimulating the scalp, promoting circulation and therefore hair growth.


1. Heat the olive and essential oil mixture gently in a nozzled bottle or applicator bottle so it is warm. You can use a microwave for this stirring every 10 seconds to ensure even heat distribution.

2. Part a medium to large sized section of hair. Lightly spray water to your scalp and length of your hair. Rub aloe on your scalp and smooth the excess natural gel over your hair. (I’m not fussed about it reaching the entire length of my strands, I focus the aloe on my scalp).

3. Then, to the same section of hair, smooth a drizzle of the oil mixture on the hair. At this point your scalp will get oily, that’s allowed, its only for a night or less. When you apply the olive oil it’s a good time to do a quick rough detangle as there’s little friction now. Friction is foe!

4. Finally put that section in a medium/large twist. Repeat this until you have done your whole head, put on a plastic/shower cap, bonnet to cover and keep in the heat, then hit the sack.

Now for part 2!

Part 2 - The Clay Wash


Into an applicator bottle add:

1. 1 cup of a Clay like Rhassoul (Ghassoul) or bentonite clay (You can find clays on Amazon). Clays are great for exfoliating the scalp. It contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, silica and iron which add nutrition to your hair and scalp. (I LOVE Rhassoul clay)

2. 1 and 1/2 to 2 cups filtered/spring water. You can also replace half of the water with Aloe Vera juice.


Give the ingredients a good shake until its an even consistency.

1. Step in the shower and rinse out the excess oil, undoing your twists as you go. Apply the clay mixture evenly to the scalp and hair. Massage the clay into the scalp and let its exfoliating benefits get to work on clearing away build up and dirt and stimulating that good circulation without stripping away moisture.

2. Smooth the clay mixture downwards through your tresses, lessening further tangling.

3. Rinse thoroughly. The last thing you want is to find dried clay stuck in your hair after a couple or days later.

4. Condition your hair as normal.

By now your eyes will be wider and you’ll get that feeling you get when you get an unexpected tax return.

Read my '5 Top tips for keeping your hair hydrated' blog for longer lasting 'hairphoria'. Now style as you please. It’s a perfect time to set a bomb braid/twist out as your hair will now be looking healthier and shiner than ever. Or go ahead and protective style for the win!

Enjoy the results!

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